At our clinic, we offer specialized services to further improve and protect your eye health as well as achieving the best vision possible.

Our offices have a stunning selection of quality and fashionable eyewear. We offer the latest advances in ophthalmic lenses and can fill any prescription with a full range of ophthalmic features including custom tinting, glare control and UV coating.

Experience a full presentation of our eye wear and lens options by meeting with one of our expert opticians.

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Sharp Vision Eye AnatomyDuring a complete eye health exam, your doctor will not only determine your prescription for glasses and contacts, but will also check your eyes for common eye diseases, assess how your eyes work together as a team and evaluate your eyes as an indicator of your overall health.

Eye examinations are an important part of health maintenance for everyone. Adults should have their eye examination yearly to check for early signs of eye disease and to keep their prescriptions current. For children, yearly eye exams can play an important role in normal development.

Vision is closely linked to the learning process. Children who have trouble seeing or interpreting what they see will often have trouble with their schoolwork. Many times, children will not complain of vision problems simply because they don't know what "normal" vision looks like. If your child performs poorly at school or exhibits a reading or learning disability, be sure to have his/her eyes examined to rule out an underlying visual cause.

Contact Lenses

Sharp Vision offers the latest in contact lenses and contact lens fittings. Proper contact lens selection is essential for better vision. We custom fit lenses that correct astigmatism and solve difficult prescription problems. We prescribe the newest bifocal contact lenses in both soft and gas permeable options. Our contact lens options are endless including contacts that can be worn for one day and discarded or left in your eye for up to 30 nights.

Corrective Procedures

Sharp Vision LasikSharp Vision offers referral for corrective procedures including refractive surgery, LASIK, LASEK, & photorefractive keratectomy (PRK).

Corrective Lenses

Sharp Vision offers the latest in spectacle lens materials such as high index plastic and glass, aspheric lenses and photosensitive lenses. Lens coatings include scratch resistant, antiglare, and ultraviolet. We offer single vision, bifocal and progressive lenses as well as special occupational lens designs and the latest contact lenses.

Vision problems related to viewing computer screens stem from the differences between printed material and the images we see on electronic displays. If you suffer symptoms of eyestrain or fatigue while viewing a computer screen, clinically-proven help is now available at Sharp Vision . Custom prescribed computer glasses are available to improve comfort immediately. Eye strain and blurred vision from computer use should become a thing of the past.

Progressive Lenses need to be measured and fit properly. Because of the nature of the progressive lens design, it is essential your eyeglass frames are adjusted to your face. Then, our Opticians take proper measurements that allow your eyes to make an easy transition from distance to near.

Sharp Vision is constantly fitting and evaluating different types of progressive lenses. The technology is always changing and so are we.

Children Vision Care

We evaluate a child's vision, that is, test for eye teaming, focusing, depth perception, visual tracking and other visual perceptual disorders. Vision includes the gathering of information by the eyes, the processing of the visual information by the brain, and the integration of that information with the body. Any breakdown in this complex system can contribute to decreased academic performance.

Many bright, gifted children with 20/20 distance eyesight suffer from vision problems that can create barriers to learning. The efficient processing and understanding of visual information requires certain visual skills such as good coordination and hand-eye coordination. These skills are necessary for optimal learning.

We are a participating provider of

Sharp Vision InfantSEE

LASIK Consultation

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Fudus Photography

Fudus Photography is Available at Our Office

Fundus photography is an advanced digital retinal photograph. By taking a digital fundus photo image of the back portion of the eye (the retina), the doctor can detect and monitor ocular health. The screening picture that is produced captures a clear view of the optic nerve, blood vessels, macula and fovea.

Fundus photos can be a baseline measurements for future comparison. A look at the internal view of the eye can be key in detecting Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, High Blood Pressure, Retinal Detachments and many more eye issues detectable at very early stages.