Why I like Sharp Vision:
*Sharp Vision is staffed with authentically caring and hospitable people. They are very kind.
*The eye doctor is actually passionate about practicing eye health and seemed to enjoy teaching me about my eyes. He also made me feel understood as a person (and fellow bookworm) rather than making me feel like another random patient on his schedule.
*The optician was patient while testing me -- he needed to retake many (many) eye pictures to get one the doctor could use for review -- and didn't make me feel like a burden on his time.
* Staff people are efficient and knowledgeable about insurance. The optician helped me understand what services were covered and which were not, and at what price if I wanted to pay for it.
**Since I've been around the block with medical care & insurance, good service and experiences stand out to me. That's a big reason why I want to promote Sharp Vision for others.

Cassie is the one I always ask for. She is knowledgeable, professional, provides an honest opinion and makes it fun. -Kevin S.

I Love Sharp Vision' s environmental energy, the warm, welcoming and professional staff interactions and the best eye care Physician I've experienced to date. Thank you all for providing the best experience we are consistently provided by Sharp Vision.


Deborah L.

We have always had amazing service and care here. I recommend it to everyone

Kim R.